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Power Semiconductor Module Series

The power semiconductor module takes the high-power thyristor chip or rectifier chip as the core, and combines two or more chips into a module according to a certain circuit structure to realize the functions of rectification, voltage regulation and switching. The chip adopts DBC ceramic sheet, vacuum welding technology, program-controlled hydraulic technology, international standard package, electrical insulation between the leading end and the cooling base plate, and potting with silicone gel and epoxy resin. The product has the characteristics of small size, high sensitivity, no arc, large load power and long electric life. Widely used in a variety of rectifier, heating, speed regulation, voltage regulation, inverter, compensation, electroplating, spot welding machine, plasma cutting, charge and discharge, soft start and other devices and equipment.

Product range covers Relay, SSR, Micro Switch, Power Semi-conductor Model, etc.

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