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Miniature High Power with 3.5mm/5mm Pin Pinch and Switching Capabiliy up to 16A JQX-14FC-2Z

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The Miniature High Power JQX-14FC is not only a versatile switch, but also a reliable choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. With its impressive switching capability of up to 16A, this switch can handle high power loads with ease. Its 3.5mm/5mm pin pinch design ensures a secure and reliable connection, making it a trustworthy option for any electronic application. The PCB terminals of the JQX-14FC make integration into various electronic devices a breeze. Furthermore, the convenient DIN-Rail socket provides a hassle-free mounting option. Whether you need to control high power loads or require a compact switch for your PCB, the JQX-14FC is the ideal solution. Its high power capacity and multiple terminal options guarantee optimal performance and versatility.
  • NNC69A



Works Principle

A miniature electromagnetic relay works on the principle of electromagnetism to control the flow of electrical current. It consists of a coil, an armature, and a set of contacts. When a current is applied to the coil, it creates a magnetic field that attracts the armature towards it. This movement causes the contacts to close, allowing the current to flow through the relay. Conversely, when the current is removed, the magnetic field dissipates, and the armature returns to its original position, opening the contacts and interrupting the current flow. This simple yet effective mechanism enables the miniature electromagnetic relay to act as a switch, controlling the circuit based on the presence or absence of the applied current.


With its exceptional versatility and performance, the Miniature High Power JQX-14FC relay stands out as a reliable choice. It effortlessly handles high power loads, thanks to its impressive switching capability of up to 16A. The secure and reliable connection is ensured by its 3.5mm/5mm pin pinch design, allowing for optimal functionality across various electronic applications.

Engineers and designers favor the JQX-14FC for its seamless integration into electronic systems, made possible by its PCB terminals. This reliable and efficient solution simplifies project implementation. Moreover, the DIN-Rail socket provides a convenient mounting option, streamlining installation and maintenance procedures. 


The JQX-14FC is a reliable and versatile choice for a wide range of applications, including industrial machinery, automation systems, and consumer electronics. Its high power capacity and multiple terminal options make it suitable for diverse industrial and commercial uses. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance, this miniature relay ensures safe and efficient operation in various electrical setups. You can trust the JQX-14FC to meet your switching needs with its dependable performance, versatility, and robust design.

NNC69A(JQX-14FC) Miniature PCB Relay

Model and Description



PCB Terminals JQX-14FC-1Z

PCB Terminals JQX-14FC-2Z

★Contact form: A=NO, B=NC, C=NO&NC




Contact Feature




Rated load




Max switching voltage


Contact resistance



Ag Alloy(AgSnO2)

Electrical life


Mechanical life


Operate voltage (23℃)

DC:≤75%*Rated voltage, AC:≤80%*Rated voltage

Release voltage (23℃)

DC:≥10%*Rated voltage, AC:≥30%*Rated voltage

Maximum voltage (23℃)

110%*Rated voltage

Coil voltage

DC3-110V, AC6-240V (Customize allowed)

Coil power

DC: 0.53W, AC: 1.2VA

Pick-up time


Release time


Dielectric strength

Between open contacts of same pole


1200VAC/1min(leakage current 1mA)

Between contacts of different pole

1200VAC/1min(leakage current 1mA)

Between contacts and coil

5000VAC/1min(leakage current 1mA)

Insulation resistance


Ambient temperature

-55℃ ~70℃

Ambient humidity


Atmospheric pressure


Shock resistance

10G (sinusoidal half-wave pulse: 11ms)

Vibration resistance

10-55Hz (double amplitude: 1.5mm)


PCB or Socket with DIN Rail


Approx. 16g/PCS


Carton with foam box inside

500PCS/Carton, G.W.: 9KG, N.W.: 8KG, Dimension(mm): 342×263×325

Carton with foam tube inside

500PCS/Carton, G.W.: 9KG, N.W.: 8KG, Dimension(mm): 338×135×185

Wiring Diagram & Bottom View

1C 2C

Performance Graph

Product range covers Relay, SSR, Micro Switch, Power Semi-conductor Model, etc.

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